Our Story.

It is no news that Real Estate is very vital to the survival of a growth of a Society. Land is needed to build Houses & Business outlets. But it doesn’t just end there, these properties need to be properly sought for and efficiently managed for long lasting use and value. That is where professional Real Estate services come in.

The good news is that, over the years and with the coming of technology, Real Estate Services in Nigeria have grown and developed, but the bad news is that there are now so many individuals and companies offering these services so much so that people have been defrauded. These has resulted to fear and lack of trust in so many real estate agencies and agents. This too has made people take laws into their hands and end up acquiring more problems, thereby spending more money, time and energy trying to resolve them. There has been a cry out for an Agency that would rise up and bring the light. And we answered.

About Us.

We are DOMINION LAKE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT COMPANY tasked with the responsibility of providing you with the best real estate solutions to solve your real estate needs.

In a pool full of so many real estate companies, we are your best option for all your real estate needs. We are based in Lagos, Nigeria, but trust us to deliver anywhere across Nigeria. Our loyal clients call us Nigeria‘s No 1 Real Estate Company, a name we believe we have earned through hard work, honesty and smart service delivery.

We are into Real Estate Development, Investment, Brokerage & Management; we are well positioned to deliver professional, cutting edge and competitive real estate solutions to our valued clients. We offer good and flexible payment plans on all our products and services. Our clientele includes corporate bodies, private individuals, co-operative societies, institutions and companies.

DOMINION LAKE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT COMPANY is one of the largest independent property management companies in the marketplace, providing the most sophisticated property solutions for all types of investors. Our strengths comes from our unending passion and commitment to work in partnership with our clients. This is why our clients love us and remain loyal to us.

Our established track record sees to it that you receive value for your money in the services we provide because we handle all services with a very high level of professionalism (as client satisfaction is our topmost priority) with no extra cost or hidden charges.

Our Services.

Check out all the amazing services we offer as Nigeria’s foremost Real Estate company.